The company was founded in 1996, and sought to engineer sporting apparel that would help to keep athletes cool, dry and light throughout their activities, regardless of whether you’re competing, practicing or just working out, this was designed to wick the perspiration off of your skin rather than just absorbing it, compress the body to provide support and put tension where you want it and of course work with your body to enhance your performance and regulate your body temperature while you exercise. There are a broad range of products available; as you would expect of a sport apparel brand they offer a selection of different products for men, women and young people, with specific designs and sizes suitable to those customers in order to provide you with the best possible fit and appearance for your body. Of course the sizes and styles aren’t the only differences Under Armour® have to offer for the range, there are also three different ‘gears’ to choose from when selection the right apparel for your particular needs.