Running & Field Event Spikes

Start Fitness is the place to come for all of your running spikes. We have a great range of sprint spikes, field event spikes and cross country spikes. We have selected the best brands and the best shoes, to make sure that you have the choice that you need.
Sprint spikes keep you on your toes and allow you to power out of the blocks. They give you superior grip at the forefoot so you can push hard to the finish line.
Distance spikes offer a little more comfort and cushioning for events ranging from 800m to 10k to steeplechase.
Field event spikes offer you the power and flexibility in the right places, specific to your event.
Cross country spikes give you a more secure fit and greater support at the ankle, perfect for the uneven and muddy terrain.

We also offer a selected range of junior spikes and all round spikes, which are perfect for the multi-eventers and rising stars.