Lightweight & Racers

Perfect for those vital races on the calendar and speedy runs! Our selection of racing flats offer flexibility, adequate cushioning and much lighter in weight than standard high mileage shoe. These are ideal for those who have the need for speed over 5K and 10K

Neutral & Cushioning

These shoes are best suited for those with a natural gait/arch in their feet and who are a mid-foot/forefoot striker. Perfect for high mileage runs and everyday wear, these shoes offer maximum midsole cushioning and minimum medial support.

Structured & Support

Predominately aimed for the runner that overpronates and low arched wears. Sturdy, comfortable and recommended for runners who require medial (arch) support as they moderately to heavily overpronate. They generally suit those who have low or flat arches and normally strike flat footed or on their heels.

Natural & Barefoot

These shoes are specifically designed to help and promote a natural running sequence and, predominately, gait. These are much lower than standard running shoes in terms of heel drop and we recommend checking with your coach/physiotherapist before training in this type of shoe.

Track Spikes

Built for the serious track athlete with a forefoot spike plate to propel you around the track. They each have a level of mid-foot cushioning and stiffness specifically designed to suit the needs of each track event. The general rule of thumb is the stiffer the spike plate and no mid-foot cushioning, the shorter the event. We recommend a full spike plate for kids/adolescents competing in all events.

Field Spikes

Horizontal, vertical or throwing, our range of specific footwear is probably the most specialised type of shoe on the market, made for all field events. For jump events they either have a forefoot or full length spiked outsole, and for the throws they consist of a smooth outsole surface to maximise turning speed. We recommend that you check that the shoe is tailored for you event.

Cross Country

Purely designed and constructed to race over a range of distances and surfaces. This type of shoe will consist of a forefoot spike plate to enhance traction, glove-fit like upper and stable midsole cushioning.

Gym Shoes

From CrossFit, weightlifting to casual gym wear, these shoes have been constructed with normally, a neutral cushioned midsole, a hard wearing outsole and soft upper to maximise comfort, with some shoes, particularly the weightlifting shoes, have a reinforced heel to draw forces away from the feet after heavy impacts.

Off Road and Trail

Purely designed to handle the vigorous off-road and trail routes.  The outsoles consist of extra grip lugs to enhance traction on uneven and wet surfaces and the upper will be harder-wearing. These shoes are generally lighter than your daily shoe but do not offer as much comfort or cushioning therefore shouldn’t be worn every day.