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Saucony are distributors of sports and athletic clothing, shoes and accessories.

Saucony Guide

Founded in 1898 just two years after the first Olympic marathon and one year after the Boston marathon, Saucony are convinced they have running in their blood. During the 1900’s running became a serious focus for athletes yet they didn’t have proper running shoes. They often wore leather shoes and some even went barefoot. Saucony vowed to change this and create running shoes that would change the way people ran. To this day they are still turning out high quality running shoes that are loved by athletes worldwide.
Guide shoes offer runners a lightweight running shoe with stability and flexibility. They are available for both men and women and come in a variety of colours to suit your style. They have superb flexibility and a seamless forefront that maximises the level of comfort you receive whilst running. Featuring ground contact stabilisers Guide shoes keep you steady on your feet whilst running long distances, even when feeling fatigued.
The Guide shoe is Saucony’s most popular model of shoe amongst runners as it offers them outstanding support without being weighed down. The shoe is suitable for those who overpronate and for neutral runners. Making sure that your shoe matches your running style is important for enhancing performance, improving comfort and for decreasing the risk of injury.
An 8mm heel-to-toe offset is present on the back of the shoe that cushions and absorbs shock with each stride you take. It also helps the runner to spring back of the ground so that you can run faster and harder for longer distances. Power Grid cushioning covers the length of the shoe so that the whole foot is protected from discomfort. This will help to prevent hot spots, areas of the foot that become sore due to too much impact.
Guide shoes are designed to follow the foot, they mould to the runners movements and flex in conjunction with how you move. This helps runners to move more freely and feel as though their feel are weightless. Available in a variety of widths including narrow, regular and wide.


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