One of the most memorable moments in the Saucony brand history is the moment Rod Dixon won the New York City Marathon wearing specially designed running shoes that had been created in collaboration with the Saucony footwear engineers which were named the Dixon Racing Flats.
The American company coins its name from the location of the first factory. This was created in 1898, on the high banks of the Saucony Creek, Kutztown, Pennsylvania. In 1910, the brand were producing 800 pairs of shoes per day from the small two storey factory building. During the early 1900s, there weren’t any specially designed high performance running shoes and Saucony saw their niche in the footwear market.
The company’s brand logo is based on this river, depicting the constant flow of water and the rocky boulders lining the creek bed.
As well as the popular athletic shoe lines, Saucony also make track spikes footwear as well as cross country racing flats. They are also involved with designing and producing shoes for specific track and field athletics events.