The original founder was Ron Hill. In 1970, he was the first every Briton to win the Boston Marathon. He completed the event in an impressive time of 2 hrs 10 mins and 30 seconds. In the same year, he went on to win gold at the Commonwealth Games with an even quicker time of 2 hrs, 9mins, and 28 seconds.
His success and passion for running lead to him setting up Ron Hill Sports on 9th September 1970. Two years later, he developed the first edition of the Trackster pants that are well known at the brand today and still loved by runners worldwide.
Originally the company was run from Ron Hill’s own home as a mail order service and they eventually opened their own standalone store in 1975 at Hyde Cheshire. Within three years of the shop opening, the company managed a record turnover of £200,000. Their three main bestselling products were the Marathon Vest, Union Jack Short and Tracksters. By 1985, they have 1000 stores. Some of these are running specific stores to help target the boom in running as a hobby and athletic activity, alongside regular sports stores. Sales figures top £6million in 1989 from both the Ron Hill Sports stores and their own branded products.