The Junior Shop

Our junior section is specially catered towards young people and children. Perfect for those who are beginning their sporting adventure and for those who have been involved in sports for some time. Choose from a range of specialised fitness clothing, footwear and equipment suited to a range of afterschool sports and weekend activities.

We have junior clothing suitable for a variety of sports activities including football, running, boxing, wrestling, cycling, swimming and much more.

Compression clothing for juniors is available for enhancing performance when taking part in sports activities. Designed to fit tightly around the body it helps to target and support muscles, prevent chaffing and rashes and deliver increased power and stamina. Compressions clothing also acts as a good base layer for keeping warm during cold weather conditions.

A Range of hoodies are available from popular brand name Under Armour. We have both pullover hoodies and zip up hoodies that will keep you warm and comfortable. For additional layers we also have a range of jackets and gilets. These include waterproof jackets, softshell jackets, outdoor jackets, running jackets and padded jackets. These come in a variety of designs and colours and some come with reflective materials for better visibility in the dark.

Long and short sleeve tops for juniors come in both tight fitting and loose-fitting options catering to a wide range of sports activities. We also have vest tops ideal for regulating body temperature during intense activities.

A selection of junior tights and track pants are also available. These come in different lengths and fittings for meeting the needs of your sporting routine.

Start Fitness supply an extensive range of junior footwear for sports including football and running. It is important to make sure that footwear fits properly and that it meet the wearers natural pronation. This is important for making sure that the shoe is comfortable and that it supports the foot properly.

Swimwear for juniors is also available in various designs. We have athletic swimsuits and everyday swimsuits from brand names such as Aqua Sphere and Speedo.