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Garmin Fenix 3 GPS HR Sapphire Performer Bundle

Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire Performer Bundle

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  • Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire Performer Bundle

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The Garmin Fēnix 3 HR Sapphire Performer Bundle is the uncompromising GPS sport watch designed for demanding athletes and outdoor adventurers. Adding Elevate™ wrist heart rate to this powerful watch makes it ready for action and competition at any time.

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Quick Overview

The Garmin Fēnix 3 HR Sapphire Performer Bundle is the uncompromising GPS sport watch designed for demanding athletes and outdoor adventurers. Adding Elevate™ wrist heart rate to this powerful watch makes it ready for action and competition at any time.


The Garmin Fēnix 3 HR Sapphire Performer Bundle is the uncompromising GPS sport watch designed for demanding athletes and outdoor adventurers. Adding Elevate™ wrist heart rate to this powerful watch makes it ready for action and competition at any time.

The watch comes packed with multi-sport training, trail running and navigation. It introduces a tough athletic design with quality materials and smart features. Access to the Connect IQTM platform allows customisation of watch faces and data fields and provides downloadable widgets and apps.

No matter what you take on - this is your watch!
fēnix 3 Sapphire HR is designed to assist people during their sport activities and outdoor life. It supports performance sports like running, cycling, swimming, trail running, rowing, indoor training, cross country skiing as well as triathlon and recreational activities such as hiking, SUP, climbing and downhill skiing and more. It measures performance on the go, tracks activities for sharing and navigates the user back home at the end of an adventure. And it does not stop there, the new Connect IQ App support for fēnix 3 opens up the potential to develop many more functions and for all sorts of activities.

Serious Style That Stands Up to the Roughest Conditions
The athletic fēnix 3 Sapphire HR features a protective PVD-stainless steel bezel and buttons, UV-treated silicone band and a ultra-strong glass fibre reinforced housing for extra durability. A sunlight-readable, high-resolution colour Chroma display with LED backlight shows your data clearly in any light. fēnix 3 Sapphire HR is water-rated to 100 metres and has a battery life of up to 50 hours in UltraTrac™ battery saver mode, 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 3 weeks in smartwatch mode (all depending on settings).

Elevate - Heart Rate from your Wrist
To provide the ultimate freedom to the ambitious athlete fēnix 3 Sapphire HR includes Elevate wrist heart rate technology. This gives you the opportunity to track your heart rate data without wearing a chest strap. Beyond controlling your performance during your training you can also track your daily activities with 24/7 heartrate monitoring and gain more accurate information on burned calories during the day.

Tracks Your Performance in Many Sports in Many Ways
fēnix 3 Sapphire HR is for the athlete that wants to track his performance in various sports. Beyond running it also has special features that support swim training, skiing, rowing sports, including stand up paddle boarding and even golfing. During swimming workouts fēnix 3 tracks your distance, pace, stroke count and more. Ski/Board mode tracks your entire skiing day with speed, distance, vertical drop and an automatic run counter (with Auto Pause for the lift line) and more, all the data is available at your fingertips at any time. For rowing fēnix 3 provides comprehensive rowing metrics including your number of strokes, stroke rate and even stroke efficiency also make use of the virtual partner during your training.
Golf mode gives you yardage to the front back and middle of the green for any single course you’ve downloaded from Garmin Connect™. You can even use your fēnix 3 as a glove-friendly action camera remote, via ANT+® wireless connectivity, for VIRB® action cameras.

The Proof of Your Potential
fēnix 3 Sapphire HR is packed with additional training features to tell you about your form and fitness. The VO2 max estimator crunches data, including your running speed, beats per minute and heart rate variability to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute. Track changes to see your fitness gains and to compare with your peers. Other fitness metrics include recovery advisor with a recovery timer and recovery check, plus a race predictor, which estimates your ideal finish time based on your current VO2 max number.

All the Numbers to Measure a Runner

Once running gets serious, fēnix 3 Sapphire HR with optional HRM-Run monitor tracks all the advanced metrics that are needed to better understand and improve:

Advanced Running Dynamics1 analyse your running:  

  • Vertical oscillation and ratio — the degree of 'bounce' in your running motion and the benefit ration to stride length
  • Ground contact time and balance — shows how much time, in the running motion, your foot is on the ground rather than in flight and lets you check your running symmetry
  • Cadence — number of steps per minute
  • Stride length — determines a responsive current pace

Physiological metrics measures your heart to provide:

  • Stress score - fēnix 3 measures your heart rate variability while standing still, for 3 minutes, to provide you with an estimated stress level. The scale of this is 1 to 100, low scores indicate lower stress levels
  • Performance condition -  After running for 6-20 minutes, fēnix 3 compares your real-time condition to your average fitness levels
  • Lactate threshold -  Through analysis of your pace and heart rate, fēnix 3 estimates the point where your muscles start to rapidly fatigue

You know your way
fēnix 3 Sapphire HR provides comprehensive navigation and tracking functionalities to guide you on and off the beaten track. fēnix 3 records a GPS track log creating a “bread crumb trail” as you move. It also allows you to mark locations, such as a start/finish line, course checkpoint, or a campsite, vehicle or other point of interest. With fēnix 3, you can create and follow courses or mark up to 1,000 locations and navigate to them. Plan trips and share adventures with friends and family using BaseCamp™ - Garmin’s free planning tool on your computer.

More than just ABC sensors
fēnix 3 Sapphire HR is equipped with a barometric altimeter and an electronic 3-axis compass. The device auto-calibrates these sensors using its GPS receiver to provide the most accurate information possible. The built-in altimeter provides elevation data to accurately monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer can be used to predict weather changes by showing short-term trends in air pressure. The 3-axis electronic compass keeps your bearing whether you’re moving or not. For accurate temperature reading from the watch, pair the fēnix 3 with our external tempe temperature sensor.

Make it Yours
Personalise fēnix 3 Sapphire HR with free downloads from our Connect IQ store. You can customise your watch face, add data fields and get apps and widgets that provide information at a glance.

In the box:

  • fēnix 3 Sapphire HR with black silicone band.
  • HRM-Run.
  • USB/charger cable.
  • AC adapter with plug.
  • Documentation.

Additional Information

Model Number 010-01338-74
Brands Garmin
Colour Black
Manufacturer Colour Black
Season Spring 2016, Summer 2016

Customer Reviews

Awesome sport/tactic watch for awesome price Review by Vladimir
Delivery to Russia was pretty fast (within 2 weeks). (Posted on 09/02/2017)
Отлично!!! Review by Массумова Юлия Викторовна
Отличное качество и отличный сервис!!! (Posted on 20/01/2017)
ВСЁ ОК! Review by Михаил
Спасибо! качество товара и быстрота доставки радует!)))) Спасибо из России!!!! (Posted on 26/08/2016)
Outstanding Service Review by Andreas
To be very honest "startfitness thank you for your awesome Service and this tremendous well crafted wearable from garmin!!"
I am a buyer from Switzerland and everythink worked out fine.
I can recommend this online sports shop. (Posted on 23/08/2016)
Excellent watch for an excellent price! Review by Nickolay
Having read a host of reviews I've decided to go with the Fenix 3 HR, bundled together with the HRM-Run (knowing the optical sensor is not precise enough during different types of workouts). Lucky for me, I decided to pull the trigger just when the store started a Garmin-related promotion with 10% off. Not having to pay VAT also helped to reduce the price a lot.
The shipping was very fast (was handled to the Royal Mail the same day, even though my order came just on Friday midday). The tracking number was issued and sent me at once. All my inquiries prior to order were answered promptly and comprehensively enough, so all in all i'm really satisfied with my order.
As for the watch itself, it comes as no surprise. Read the review by DCR, and you will know everything and then some about this watch.It's a bit bulky and heavy (I didn't wear anything on my wrist for like 20+ years), but actually looks very nice. The screen is very good, and is visible in the sunlight much better than indoors. The polariser glasses don't affect the screen, by the way (it was very important for me): no darkening nor rainbows that may make the LCD screen unreadable. Overall I'm very satisfied with my purchase, both the watches itself, and my experience with the store. Highly recommended! (Posted on 17/06/2016)
Fenix 3 HR Bundle Review by Nick
A great looking watch and also very comfortable to wear. I used all time as a good all round watch for trial running, golf and a fitness tracker plus the battery life is very good compared to others. (Posted on 12/05/2016)

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