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Published on February 16th, 2017 | by Start Cycles


BLOG: Strava-ing for Data!

When training, whether it’s on the roads, track, trails or even on the turbo, statistics are high on the list during and post-cycle.

Simple basics like, average heart rate, climb and length of the ride tend to come into the equation but sometimes, cadence, power output (watts), intensity and kilometres/mile splits, also feature, depending on what level your cycling is.

This leans slightly towards those who prefer to use roads/turbos than it would do for MTB, purely because, the use of intensity and heart rate, would not really benefit someone going from top to bottom in the fastest time possible, unless there was a way to shave off seconds on a section of the course by slowing your heart rate!

Christmas Gifts GarminIt’s not just the ability to share the information online, let’s face it, we like to brag if we’ve completed a race or reached a landmark of some significance (come all, we’ve all done it!) but it’s the capability to take note from the data collected and apply it to future sessions, either to increase intensity or lay out training, specifically tailored to either iron out a slight weakness or keep up the tempo of a potential, upcoming race – maybe even both or more.

Of course, this differentiates massively from the everyday rider to professional, simply because of the access to detailed and structured software available to the different teams out there – it is way more advanced then we can ever dream of.

The beauty of Strava is how simple it is to use, read and apply to training. It’s a free to register/download app, with an option to pay for a premium if you want more for your buck, with the incentive of having more to access to greater data, if you do, such as;

  • As mentioned, you get advanced analysis, so more feedback from your activity in greater detail.
  • Personalised coaching, where the app dictates your next session to attain goals set by you. So for cycling, these are plans set by Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) which can be applied outdoors with an option for indoor training too using a laptop or TV, if you’re a little confused, we’ve put the link with more information here for you.
  • Receiving feedback with your device, along the lines what you see with the free account but you get real-time updates when you complete segments or beat your personal best on a familiar route.

The ease of linking the app with your current devices is even simpler, with a vast majority of watches, fitness trackers and computers allowing you to sync data onto your profile at the snap of a finger with data becoming instantaneous to review or you can use your smartphone. This uses you location and allows you to either pop it onto your frame or in your bag – if you carry one, that is!

It works magnificently for those who just want to get an idea on how far their ride is compared to the levels their heart rate fluctuate between or output was. So, if you’re just getting started with cycling and curious as to, how far your commute is or learning if there are sections on your long Sunday route, the app lets you know when you finish.

The beauty of the sectioned part of Strava, is how you can look to, not only out-do yourself but also, try beat others locally as well as nationally.

When you finish up and sync your ride, you’ll see the different splits per mile or kilometre – which ever you prefer to set it as – that you’ve completed, some may have names, others won’t but if you click on them, they should produce a list of your effort along with options to see other user’s times and speeds. So if there is a stretch of a route you like and want to lower your personal best or try knock someone of the top of the league, this will be right up your street.

There’s the bonus of uploading a picture and your work out to the Strava world and also, your social media page, too!

That’s, that! A lot of information to drink in, we understand, but the usefulness of this application is superb and wonderful to use – if needed.

What do you think, do you prefer to stick to using a watch and work out splits or is the data a must-have for your ride? Let us know via our Twitter & Facebook pages.

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Written By Start Cycles