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Published on August 12th, 2019 | by Start Fitness


“What you running for? You’re already skinny!”

Start Fitness is a company of runners, cyclists and all-around active folk! We know the products because we use them ourselves – during the early morning workout, on the weekend ride, or on the big Sunday run (note to self – must upload run to Strava). So, we thought we’d shout about our active employees because they’re an interesting bunch!

We’re kicking off this ‘Meet the Team’ series with arguably the tallest member of the Start team, Customer Service Advisor Kieran Reay (or just Kieran for short).

At just 25, Kieran’s many miles ahead of him. Living in Durham and running for Tyne Bridge Harriers, Kieran is well known on the North East running scene. And if you’ve ever phoned Start Fitness with a running related query, you may well have spoken to Kieran.

We sat down with Kieran to discuss all things running. Starting out with some quick-fire questions to warm him up:

Favourite running-related book? Easy, Running with the Buffaloes- Chis Lear. A great read about the University of Colorado cross country campaign

Favourite documentary? Breaking 2 – if you’re into your marathons then give it a watch! Favourite Instagram page? @tinmanelite – Instagram account of running coach Tom “Tinman” Schwartz. Worth a follow!

Favourite post-race snack? Got to be midget gems- to get a bit of sugar in the system. But if I PB then a celebratory McDonalds will be on the cards!

Kieran Reay – adidas Adios 4

Moving on to the more serious stuff…

The best mix of speed and endurance

I love the 1500m, currently it’s got to be my favourite race. It’s got the best mix of speed and endurance. The quickest I’ve ever run the 1500m is 3:58.78…it’s taken me a whole 3 years to break the sub 4 minute barrier! I plan on moving up to 5000m, but don’t have the endurance base to train effectively for it at the moment. My current 5k road PB is 15:39 though so I’ll get there!

Always triple knot

My pre-race routine doesn’t consist of any weird or embarrassing rituals much to the disappointment of my colleagues. It consists of eating 3 hours before the race – Usually some sort of pasta dish and a High 5 Electrolyte sports drink, Citrus flavour is my current favourite. Then 45 minutes before a race I’ll warm up with a 2-mile run and drills. I always triple knot my laces and tuck them in before the race, but that’s not so much a special ‘ritual’…it’s more for safety purposes!

Different shoes for different runs

As you know, there’s not usually a ‘one-shoe-fits-all’ type of running shoe. It totally depends on the run. For my long run, I use the adidas Solar Boost – It’s got that extra bit of energy return that helps you in the later miles.
For my sessions, I’ve started using the Adios 4 by adidas. It’s a smooth shoe that’s lightweight and breathable – perfect for training sessions.

On the track, I’m using the adidas Adizero Avanti Boost. A middle to long distance spike with a responsive midsole – that’ll be the adidas boost tech kicking in there.

When it comes to choosing footwear, it’s a case of different shoes for different runs, but it’s clear what my go-to brand is!

Best heckle I’ve had in a while

I’ve got a few places I like to run, my favourite track is Longford park in Manchester – what can I say, it’s just a nice track! My favourite place to train is Broom Picnic area in County Durham – which is a little more local. Although my other favourite training ground is Vilamoura, in Portugal which slightly sunnier than the North East of England!

If I’m out for a long run more likely than not I’ll be in Beamish woods, County Durham – nice challenging run with nice surrounding and it’s where I encountered the best heckle I’ve had in a while – ‘What you running for? You’re already skinny!’ not the rudest one I’ve ever had but it did make me laugh!

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