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Published on February 21st, 2019 | by Start Fitness


A Closer Look At The Adidas UltraBoost 19

The Adidas UltraBoost 19 – it’s clear this is a great looking shoe, with a fresh take on a very popular shoe! It looks good but how does it stack up as a running shoe?

Well, changes to this shoe don’t just stop at its appearance. The UltraBoost 19 has been completely reconstructed from the ground up for a better fit, better performance, and better traction!

More Boost, Less Bounce

Like previous versions, the UltraBoost 19 is the softest of the new Adidas Boost range with performance built to tackle long runs. But, unlike previous versions, this running shoe it less bouncy than it’s processors which will come as a blessing to a lot of you out there. The UltraBoost 19 still feels springy, supportive and well-cushioned and this performance doesn’t falter in varied conditions. In the ice and rain or hot and dry, this shoe will give you the boost you need.

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Get The Upper Hand

Adidas have kept the Primeknit construction, but have completely changed the way wrapped. In previous versions, the UltraBoost has featured a knitted upper that only covers the top half of your foot, attaching to the midsole at the edges. The UltraBoost 19 PrimeKnit construction completely surrounds your foot with the bottom glued to the midsole giving you a more supported feel.

Now, let’s talk about that aesthetic – Adidas have catered for the fashion conscious with this strong look but that strong look also has a strong functional purpose! You’ll notice the red threads in the forefoot and throughout the midfoot, they are designed to stretch and the UltraBoost 19 has got the ratio of stretch bang on. When cornering or navigating a tricky camber, you feel secure but not too locked in place that you feel constricted. It is worth noting that the forefoot in new UltraBoost a lot less stretch than the original model – this will come as a blessing to a lot of runners.

Adidas has also developed a softer, more comfortable running experience over high miles. To do this, Adidas has given the heel counter a bit of a makeover. The flexible wire wrapped inside a padded sleeve, with the middle of the heel counter stripped away offers comfort when the heel lands – this will be a lifesaver over longer miles.

Get A Grip

100% this is a road shoe – but it’s a road shoe that can handle a variety of conditions! The outsole is grippier. The Continental rubber is long-wearing. The small lugs on the underfoot give you extra hold on slick roads, icy roads and dirt roads. You can go back to enjoying your run and not having to take it easy in wet conditions, woohoo!


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