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Best running shoes

Published on December 13th, 2018 | by Start Fitness


Top Picks – Best Running Shoes of 2018

Is there ever such a thing as the perfect running shoe to suit every runner? Well, no not really you see there’s not a one-fits-all running shoe. Everyone runs slightly different, due to biomechanics, weight and foot shape so what may be great for one, may be awful for another. What we have done is looked at a wide range of customer feedback and combined it to feedback from our own Start Fitness staff to give you a majority view of the best running shoes of 2018.

The results are in:

Saucony Kinvara 9

Weight: 226g (M), 183g (W)

Heel/toe drop: 6mm (M), 6mm (W)

First up is the Saucony Kinvara 9, and it’s easy to see why this light-but-cushioned shoe is getting a strong reputation on the running circuit. It offers an expert balance of performance and comfort. Meaning it’s a great shoe for long runs, tempos, easy runs and everything in between. The Kinvara 10 launches in January and by the sounds of it, this shoe could be even better!

The shoe of choice for Start Fitness brand ambassador, Hayley Carruthers.

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Adidas Solar Boost

Adidas Solar Boost

Weight: 292g (M), 250g (W)

Heel/toe drop: 10mm (M), 12mm (W)

This shoe offers a snappy ride, with the boost™ middle that gives you added bounce. The Solar Boost shoe encourages you to pick up the pace, with a springy and cushioned feel. The Adidas Solar Boost is a breathable, comfortable and lightweight shoe that has benefited a lot of runners in 2018 and its aesthetic appeal makes it very suitable for casual wear too!

The shoe of choice for Start Fitness brand ambassador, Becky Briggs.

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Brooks Ghost 11

Brooks Ghost 11

Weight: 289g (M), 238g (W)

Heel/toe drop: 13mm (M), 11mm (W)

We couldn’t have left this shoe off the list. The Brooks Ghost 11 is regarded by many as one of the best running shoes on the market and it’s certainly one of the best of 2018. With a nice amount of cushioning and deeper outsole flex grooves, this shoe offers a smoother transition from heel to toe. It’s upper is both breathable and light too. Making it a fantastic daily running shoe that can be used for fast runs or long runs.

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Asics Gel Nimbus 20

Asics Gel Nimbus 20

Weight: 315g (M), 266g (W)

Heel/toe drop: 10mm (M), 12mm (W)

Arguably one of the most stylish running shoes of 2018, the Asics Gel Nimbus 20 is certainly a looker. But it doesn’t just look the part. The Gel Nimbus is also well-constructed and supportive whilst retaining a lightweight appeal. Asics did change it up slightly with this shoe and it was for the better! Providing more cushioning to aid feet fatigue and a more secure midfoot offering a more stable fit. It’s a premium neutral cushioning shoe which was favoured by many in 2018 and we’re excited to see what the Asics Gel Nimbus 21 can do when it launches at Start Fitness in January.

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Brooks Glycerin 16

Brooks Glycerin 16

Weight: 312g (M), 249g (W)

Heel/toe drop: 12mm (M), 10mm (W)

This shoe proved a popular one among Start Fitness customers. The Brooks Glycerin 16’s main selling point is its comfort. The shoe offers a neutral-cushioning that makes it perfect for high-mileage runners. Tie that in with it’s lightweight upper and stylish looks and it’s clear to see why this shoe made it onto our list.

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There’s been a lot of miles covered in these shoes over 2018 and with 2019 just around the corner we’re excited to see our Start Fitness customers can achieve in the new year!

Get a head start, check out these 2019 shoes that are already available at Start Fitness:

Adidas Adizero Adios 4

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Saucony Triumph ISO 5






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