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Published on October 21st, 2016 | by Michael


REVIEW: TomTom Runner 3 GPS Running Watch

As the clocks countdown to Christmas (yes, we mentioned it!), hints, tips and the occasional nudge when an item has been sighted, will slowly, start to peak within friends and families.

1rk0-001-00_1High on runner’s lists are, of course, running clothing, shoes and, for those who want and upgrade or new to the sport, a GPS Watch.

There are a LOT of different gadgets that offer near-endless features, enhancements and improvements that can make your go cross-eyed the more you read about them.

With that said, we’ve take a look at one which could fall right in the middle of the recreational category and it’s the TomTom Runner 3 Cardio GPS Watch.

What caught our eye with this, firstly, was the screen, a 22 x 25 mm display size which, given some watches out there, is key for a successful outing, more so if it’s a specific session e.g. Tempo, Speed, Fartlek. Let’s be honest, if you can see the stats you’re flying.

This is housed in traditional casing, locked into a strap provided with the watch. The neat aspect of this is, you can remove the device and attach it to other straps available, just if you fancy mixing things up with customisation!

TomTom have made improvements from the Runner 2 model that was released earlier in the year, improving the QuickGPS locator, meaning your waiting less time for the GPS to kick in, waiting for the ‘beep’ can sometimes, can feel like hours have passed before your workout. Also included, is  Race Mode, this simply pits you against yourself from a previous fast run, just if you fancy a challenge or want a go at outdoing a time.

One of the new features that they have included, is the Route Exploration, which allows you to plot and pre-load your routes ahead of your run, just so you can track where you are going, where you are and how you can get home, if need be via the inbuilt compass, which, would need to be calibrated, beforehand.. This is ideal if your training over a certain distance for an upcoming race, rather than second guessing or waiting to pass the agreed mileage/KM.

There are no message or call notifications included with this model, which is a shame, particularly as almost all of the current GPS watches offer this in some capacity, something which TomTom may surprise us with in an update or incorporated into another watch for the future.

However, there is wireless syncing from watch to smartphone, so you can upload to your preferred medias, which does include social media also, evolving the tradition of plugging in the device and manually uploading data, as well as harming battery life by constantly and not on purpose, charging the battery doing so.

This can all be done by the incredibly simple to use direction button underneath the face of the display screen, using this to navigate around the specifications intergrated. “But what about the light?” we hear you ask, well, if you place your hand/finger on the screen, this activates the backlight – there are no buttons to use!

Finally and speaking of the battery, the life span when using the watch has been upgraded to run up to 11 hours with the tracking features or and impressively, up to three weeks with the activity tracking, of course, this all depends on how frequently the device is used.

Overall, we think this a great bit of kit to ask for, if say, you are new to running/fitness or fancy taking the next step from your previous GPS. For what you pay for, you get a plethora of data, features, enough to keep you ticking over and ease the statistics fix such as average pace display, distance travelled, time ran and calories burned.tomtom-runner-3-cardio-music-3

If you wanted to go one better, the models that include a built in heart rate monitor, meaning the chest strap is no longer needed and also, the music edition, allows up to 3GB of music to be stored and played through via Bluetooth headphones, removing the need of the chunky armband for smartphones and MP3 players.

A word of caution, if you’re the kind of runner that loves very detailed and the intricacies elements or looking for comprehensive information, the TomTom might not be able to cure your statistic needs.


Available in two colours and with different specifications, get your Runner 3 here!

Written By Michael