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Published on November 7th, 2016 | by Michael


REVIEW: More Mile More Lift 3 Weightlifting Shoes

When it comes to going to the gym or, specifically, weightlifting, applying the correct footwear is key to, not only exercising safely, but also, comfortably, especially as the weight increases.

The trend of CrossFit and multipurpose gyms are on the rise, with more and more folk choosing the gym life to stay fit and improve well-being.

Wearing trainers can only get you so far and, if the same trainers are used for running also, you’ll be churning out more cash replacing them every couple of months, hence, why weightlifting shoes should be considered as the next purchase for gym use, in particular, the More Mile More Lift 3 Weightlifting Shoes.

mm-morelift3-mm2575b-1The first thing you notice about the shoes is the heel. Reinforced, tough and slightly raised, this aids with squatting and promotes better positioning within the body, as well as supporting explosive movement with Olympic Lifting motions and plyometric sessions, taking the load as well as the sting out of landing and weight.

When you get a hold of the shoes, they do feel slightly bulky and a little on the heavy side, however, that’s how you want it to feel, plus, most of that weight will come from the heel, as mentioned previously.

But the feel of the upper, especially when wearing them, is outstanding. Very snug, comfortable and sturdy, there’s a feeling that it would take a long time for the shoes to break down, obviously, this is purely down to how frequent and aggressively they are used.

Speaking of the upper, just for those who love the intricacies, the synthetic material is applied, draws near to precise fitting, meaning there’s no worry that the shoes will slide or move during exercise, avoiding blisters or uneasy sensations within your feet.

This works brilliantly with the high-density midsole, without giving away compromise, meaning lifting heavy weight is easy applicable and providing reassurances when doing so. The last thing you want to have when you attempt a heavy squat, is the thought of the material giving away or not acting as supportive as possible.

For added security, the improved Velcro strapping locks feet down, further improving what was mentioned above of unnecessary movement and also the sheer breathability of the shoe also, means that moisture and sweat is wicked away, avoiding unwanted blisters and irritations.

But away from the specifications, just look at the style of the shoe! Two new colour schemes of black/blue and red/white, make the Lift 3 models very trendy to lock eyes on. These days, trends/fashion play a small part in the gym, if you look good, you’ll feel good, and these lifters deliver that factor.

Finally, the More Mile More Lift 3’s are ideal for not just those looking to get started with lifting and CrossFit but also those who have been doing it for years.

You can get yours from either the More Mile or Start Fitness websites.

PRICE: £40.00

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Written By Michael