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Published on February 19th, 2016 | by Start Fitness


Product Review: Adidas Pure BOOST X

Every year, Adidas bring out something revolutionary to the running world. Something so different, that it changes the way that runners take to the roads, trails or track.

Introducing the Pure BOOST X – a brand new running shoe designed just for women.

The Adidas Pure BOOST X

The first thing you notice when holding the shoe is, how incredibly light it is (184g for UK5.5) – it doesn’t feel like you’re holding a shoe when you place it in your hands, imagine how it would feel on your feet! So it’s very impressive and without a shadow of a doubt, faster times are definitely achievable.

Adidas have been very prolific with how they have designed the Pure Boost X shoe, predominately focusing on the contours of female feet (yes, they are different to males: READ HERE), so they provide such a comfortable feeling and fit for female foot, to allow a greater running experience.

With that said, one of the most interesting and noticeable features that differentiates from other Boost shoes, is the floating arch. The brief spacing around that area, delivers an ultimate fit – a snug feeling, if you like, so there’s very little to no chance of uncomfortable sensations time and time again while you wear them.

Of course, running along the midsole is the famous Boost Technology, generating greater energy return from each step taken so you’re moving quicker and stronger than what you would do using a regular shoe.

The fabrics on the upper and inside of the shoe, scream comfort and protection. Air mesh feature on the forefoot, offers breathability that work with the sidewall of the shoe too – THEN, you have STRETCHWEB rubber outsole, what’s is this we hear you ask? It’s a lightweight and elastic material that collaborates fantastically well with the Boost to generate a greater push off and much better stabilisation upon contact with the ground.

Although these shoes wouldn’t be best to use for say, marathon training for example, they would make a fantastic addition to speed sessions or short reps, possibly up to a 5K run too. The colours of Raw Purple and Shock Red bring a fantastic design element, stylish and practical –  these can definitely be worn for causal use as well.

Each year, Adidas deliver greater and superior inclusions to better themselves with this technology, first in shoes and now in spikes and even golf shoes now. The X model is the start and you can sense with each year, they can take this concept and tweak it to make an even better shoe and it’s great how they have designed this just for women’s feet.

Be the first to experience a revolution in running. Charge your run and take on the city in Pure BOOST X – available here.



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