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Published on January 8th, 2016 | by Start Fitness Website


Product Review – Adidas Adizero Avanti Boost Running Spikes

It’s 2016, which means that the track and field season is nearly upon us.

Right about now, many groups and athletes will be slap bang in the middle of their winter training or have already ran a few wonderfully muddy and cold cross country races , with one eye on the prize of the outdoor season in the distant horizon.

The different winter competitions will give athletes and their respected coaches, a good indication on how well everything is going so far but of course, with a new year, brings new kit.

The time has come to update our kitbag, either to keep up with trends or because the old clothing or footwear has simply seen better days. You might have even received some from Santa Claus over Christmas.

Every year, without fail, brands launch their new colours and designs for the upcoming season and for all you middle to long distance runners out there will love what Adidas have done with their updated models.

The 2016 Adidas Adizero Avanti Boost Running Spikes bring together and for the very first time, their famous boost™ technology and modern style, which as we now know, brings more energy from each stride and countless energy return with the addition of navy colouring, it adds a mature and serious tone to the shoes.adidas-avanti-spikes-af5635-main

These are recommended towards the distances between 1500m and 10k BUT can be used for 800m as well, just so you’re not cut off or astray if you run middle distance races as well.

These spikes are definitely unique, they only have four holes for the spike pins but they are strategically placed, mainly for better traction and grip on the track – last thing you want is to feel like you’re about to lose a step or not keeping up with the competition.

Next, there’s the Coolever lining. It’s uses clover-shaped yarn that manages heat and sweat predominately – having a sweaty foot isn’t going to feel great running lap after lap, so it’s brilliant that Adidas have upped their game in this department.

There’s also nifty little features like a Mouled EVA midsole, which offers a more lightweight performance on the track, Flex Groove where the toes are so that there an increase in flexibility with feet and then there’s the lightweight Sprint Web Microfiber Synthetic upper, this offers a nice glove-like fit, which is easily one of the best feelings when they’re on.

When you look at it, it’s easily Adidas’ best middle to long distance running spike. They’ve totally revamped the model purely for the athlete at mind to aid performance and training. No doubt, we’ll be seeing all the professional athletes that are sponsored with the brand, during the course of the winter season, more so the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Portland and also, who could forget, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, wearing not just the flashy new footwear but also new clothing.

So for those looking for a  fresh look but more importantly, wanting to add to their kit to help with those all-important competitions and race, the 2016 Adidas Adizero Avanti Boost Running Spikes to own and can be found here along with Adidas’ new footwear and clothing range too.

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