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NEHL XC League Report: Druridge Bay

Another week, another race and this time it was in Druridge Bay, which was surprisingly mild and mud-free, we know, a XC and mud-free - outrageous!  This week, Russell Deane (Northern Frontrunners) takes the reigns of sharing his experiences on the day with his respected club, so without further ado... (more…)

NEHL XC League Report: Wrekenton

The cross country season is BACK! muddy fields, snappy weather and of course, the off-chance of snow make the NEHL XC League a thing of beauty particularly for those who specialise running the terrain. In a series of reports from the fixtures, we'll get the point of view from the competing runners and to kick start the series is Paul Brennan's (Crook AC) take on the Wrekenton course. I had my first experience of The NEHL XC League 37yrs ago way back in 1979 as a "fresh faced" 11-year-old "Colt" at Chester-le-Street AC. Having failed to make the football team in my first term at Senior School at St Leonard's RC Comprehensive in Durham City, I duly ran in the XC trial and was pleasantly surprised to make the team. I progressed to my local athletic club at Chester-le-Street where I [...]

Post-Great North Run – Now What?

So, you’ve ran the Great North Run, firstly, a huge well done, especially if it was your first time running the event or, in fact, you’ve been left inspired and want to take up running! You may be in a lull of whether to continue running or not, now that you’ve had a bite from the bug. So what we thought we’d do, is put together a list for you to offer some ideas or support to continue with your running topped up, especially as the winter night’s draw closer. 1. Find A Club This might sound a little nerve-racking or a bit forward but if you’ve loved your running recently or want to get stuck in, then this is the best place to, not only improve, but to also share the experience with other runners. Joining a local running club is very simple to do and once you do, it bec [...]

Great North Run 2016 Checklist

We’re only days away until the Great North Run arrives back in the North East of England as over 50,000 runners take on the 13.1 mile course, which starts at Newcastle and finishes along the seafront in South Shields. For many, this will be their very first time running not only the event but the distance also. For others, this will be another GNR that will be added to the running CV, a huge achievement, especially for those entering or well over double digits for the greatest half marathon on the calendar. Thanks to A Runner’s Ramble, he’s provided a 10 point checklist for you to run through – no pun intended - to help with any last minute qualms or doubts! (more…)

REVIEW: Adidas Boston Boost 6 Running Shoes

They’re back and better than ever! The popular Boston series, named after the famous marathon, from Adidas have released their sixth generation of racers with this model, featuring the incredibly famous, boost™ technology. Built for speed, the Boston’s feature an incredibly breathable and flexible upper, exceptional for training and, in particular, racing. Weighing in at 244 g (size UK 8.5), these are ideal for races from 5K right up to marathon running, producing quality in not just comfort but performance also. When you break down the shoes, the different aspects of the Boosts stand out and, quite clearly, you can see how they can make a difference in your running. As mentioned before regarding the upper, because of the flexibility, it wraps around the top of the an [...]

REVIEW: Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and GPS Activity Tracker

Currently, we’re in phase where fitness and progress mean everything. Fitness trackers, GPS watches and in-shoe gadgetry, are just some examples of how fitness enthusiasts are keeping track of how many steps they take, calories burned to even, how well they are sleeping – who knew this would be so popular?! (more…)


Eight of The Olympic Best

As the clock counts down to the 2016 Rio Olympics Games, the excitement is starting to build. Athletes are making their final preparations in their training with respected governing bodies having made or making their final team selections to send the best possible team to South America. But as we know, whenever there is an Olympic Games due, memories come pouring out and we are reminded of the wonderful achievements of athletes, past and present, have accomplished, from world records to winning gold in front of their home crowd, it’s something we’re in awe of! (more…)

Six Myths of Running!

When you start running, you read or hear about these rules, regulations or rumours of what you should and shouldn’t do, flying around forums, social media and online, particularly, when you first start out or looking to get going. We know what it’s like, it can be scary, especially when going for your very first run, whether it’s on your own or with company. So we thought we’d post six of, what we feel, are the biggest myths out there in the running world, just to quash those doubts and fears when taking to the roads. (more…)

Top 5 Yoga Poses to Tone & Strengthen Your Legs

Yoga is a great exercise regime to test and strengthen your entire body. Putting aside the psychological, spiritual applications and benefits of yoga, it can be used to target all areas of the body. The focus of yoga is often on strengthening your core to enable better overall stability and therefore benefit your ability to practice. However, the core shouldn’t be your only focus. Your legs provide a foundation from which efficient and effective yoga can be practiced. I’ve put together a list of my top five yoga poses, to tone and strengthen your legs to expand your pose portfolio and help the yogis out there get their legs into impressive shape.   Tree Pose One of the most iconic and recognisable yoga poses out there, tree pose is amazing for developing [...]