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Great north run 2018

Published on August 30th, 2018 | by Start Fitness


Great North Run 2018 Checklist


All those months of training and prepping, all those early morning runs and avoiding Friday night drinks to go training. It’s almost upon us. The Great North Run is a matter of days away and on the 9th of September runners from all corners of the region, across the UK and around the world will be attending this iconic half marathon (57,000 runners to be exact).

If you’re one of those runners taking on the 13.1 mile course then this is for you! We’ve got an 8 point on-the-day checklist for you to run through – yes, the pun is absolutely intended – Sit back, tick these off and be confident that you’ll smash it on the day!


8. Don’t change anything

This is a really important one, don’t do anything new on race day. Keep everything the way you are used to. Your meals, your kits (especially your shoes) and your warm-up should be kept exactly the same as you’ve been used to in training. Your body will be used to a routine, don’t throw in anything that may disrupt it.

7. Get to your Area early                              

Get there early, the last thing you want to do on race day is stress yourself out by being late. By now, you should be aware of when your area gate closes but if not just check the back of your bib as it will be on there.
If you do end up being late, don’t panic, you’ll just be left to queue outside until the other’s get going and the pack start to get a move on.

6. Warm up

If you have a good 10-15 minutes spare before you join your group, go for a brisk jog somewhere. The start line won’t leave without you! Plus, if it’s fresh in the morning – which it probably will be, it’s the North East – it’ll be good to get the leg muscles and the body fired up, get you focused and prepared. The last thing you want to do is pull a muscle just as you start or during the run!

5. Always be prepared   

Check the weather forecast, this year it’s looking like it’ll be sunny with a gentle breeze. Which, for most, is the ideal running weather!

However, as I said in point 6, with it being an early start it’s more than likely going to feel a little fresh when you get to the event so wearing an old pair of trackies will provide a bit of cover for your legs. I recommend an old pair as you can always just chuck them over the barriers as they get collected and donated to charity.

4. It’s not a race

Don’t. Be. That. Guy. Every Great North Run you see one fool getting a little too carried away off the start line. You know the one I’m referring to, the one who sprints off the line like Usain Bolt with the complete disregard that they are, in fact, running a half marathon and not a 100m sprint. Yeah, don’t be that person, because more than likely they are the ones that are the first to burn out or even pull a muscle putting them out of the race entirely.

The best thing to do is to remember it’s not a race, 13.1 miles is an achievement no matter how long it takes you. Whether you run a 6 minute mile or a 15 minute mile, just focus on getting around the course and don’t feel disheartened if you need to walk for a bit, we’ve all done that before!

3. Terrain

Like any other distance event, there is always a certain area of the course that provides a challenge. It could be an uneven path, gravel or even a grassed area. The Great North Run routine, however, provides a couple of nasty little climbs, just to test your legs and willpower out – particularly the climb after passing Heworth Metro Station and the hill leading to the Marsden Inn, so watch out for that!

2. Hydration

On the 8th Sept, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Throw in a sports drink too, to get some extra electrolytes. Now, this next one should be pretty obvious but never the less I’m going to include it anyways…avoid alcoholic beverages. I know sometimes the lure of a Saturday night drink can get the best of us but you’re on the cusp of 13.1 mile run so tighten up soldier!
On the day, pre-race hydration is crucial, aim to drink around 500ml – 1000ml of water in the build-up to the race. During the run, just to be safe, I’d recommend only taking water from the official water station marshals, the stations are located every 3 miles of the course. You can also take fluids from family or friends, but that depends entirely on whether you trust them or not…we’ll leave that decision up to you!

1. Fun

It’s a fun run, so have fun! Soak up the atmosphere and drink in the experience! Even If you’re running for a charity or not, remember all the hard work you’ve put in has come to this and it’ll be so worth it. You’re taking part in the largest half marathon in the world! And who knows, you might even see Olly Murs or a few local North East legends.

Good luck, see you at the finish line!

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Written By Start Fitness