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Published on September 3rd, 2018 | by Start Fitness


5 Reasons To Run Cross Country


If you’re a road runner looking for a new challenge then cross country could be for you.

You’re off-road, challenging yourself on a variety of terrains in a variety of different conditions. Cross country can throw a lot at you, it’s not for the faint-hearted. It can be challenging and exciting at the same time. The main reason to train cross country though is the overwhelming sense of accomplishment you get when you’ve completed a course, it’ll make you come back for more. It’s so addictive and a great form of training.

So, if this all sounds appealing then we’ve got five more reasons to run cross country…


You’ll run through some stunning British landscapes. Every race is different – even if you run the same course, the weather drastically changes the conditions and the look of the environment. Meaning no two runs on the same route will be the same, it’s challenging and really make you feel part of the environment around you.


Uneven ground means core strength is essential. Core stability is related to dynamic balance, coordination, and balance across core muscle groups. Taking on the uneven conditions and gradients that cross country running brings means your core, along with your legs, will get a good strength workout. This is why many athletes use cross country to boost conditioning and support winter training. A stronger core stabilises the abs, back, and shoulder muscles helping to improve running posture and can help to reduce low back and other related injuries.


This is endurance that pushes you to the limit. Training is pretty hardcore, you could face mud, wind, snow and many more obstacles, during your cross-country run so resilience is key. For anyone thinking it’s easy, try running in the pouring rain, icy sleet or even snow. This sport is a great one to help train your mind to dig deep.


This isn’t a race against the clock. You’re taking on the terrain, the elements and your competitors. Having no PB to beat can be a liberating feeling. It makes you focus on the environment around you, really that’s what xc is all about, the challenge is the terrain not how many seconds, minutes or hours it takes you to complete it.

5. IT’S FUN!

Yes, it’s tough. Yes, someone will end up in the mud – and it could be you. But this is pure running, with a relief and pride you’ll feel at the end is a feeling that can’t be matched.

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