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What Running Gear Should I Have in 2018?

Its 2018, an opportunity for a new year and a new you. Running is your decided way to get fit and you need some running gear. With thousands of options to choose from though, what do you go for? We are here to help. Listed below are 10 recommended pieces of running kit for 2018. Our list has been carefully selected by ourselves and with the help of a professional runner. (more…)

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Starting the New Year with A Run – Running For You

If you have never ran before or are not used to running it can be difficult to get into the swing of things. Running takes time, patience and stamina. The more you run the better you become. Fitness levels increase, the distance you run increases and the pace that you run at quickens. This doesn’t happen overnight, but there are steps you can take to get there. Let’s start this new year with a run and end it with a bang. (more…)

Enter The Right Race in 2017

We’re now well into 2017, many of you reading this will be in the thick of winter training or just continually logging in miles ahead of a training block. That of course, means that a new fixture list of races will be available to enter. The first thing that would have been looked at, is of course, when you can enter certain races or information when ballots go live. Some use the power of social media for this, using the notification system or get reminder emails sent to them to make a note in the diary. (more…)

Running Your First Parkrun

Getting started in running is a lot easier than what some people say. Novices can easily be put off due to confidence, unsure of beginner distances or even the darker weather may play its part. Running is a testing sport. PB’s can tumble or every week a new injury can flag up, it can sway from one end of the spectrum to the other. However, there is an event out there, which many people will be familiar with, that can cater for runners, young, old, locals, visitors, new or experienced and every runners favourite way to kick start their Saturday morning – the Parkrun. (more…)

BLOG: The Wonders of Hill Training!

At every stage of training, hill reps will be on the agenda. They are the marmite of running, you either love them or hate them but we like to hope the majority of you reading this love them, because we do! Hill training is the perfect exercise to increase strength, speed, running economy and explosiveness, key elements for when running your race or fun run, in particular, the latter stages where fatigue starts to kick in. Sure, running high volumes of mileage can get you over the distance but neglecting hill reps, along with any speed session, could have a negative outcome when reaching for that important personal best or finish in one piece at least. (more…)

FIRST LOOK: Saucony Freedom ISO

After what seems like an age since Saucony announced the Freedom ISO shoe, finally, we can have our first look them. It’s safe to say that before you get to look at the specifics and intricacies, the beautiful colour scheme that the shoes arrive in makes them incredibly eye-catching. (more…)

6 Things Trail Runners Think While Running

Trail or fell running can be a fantastic break from the pounding of the roads and streets of the generic running ritual. The scenery, tranquillity and testing routes are great to not just help you relax and forget about your time but to also act as a subtle training session with the undulating sections working the legs, along with the lungs too. Veterans of trail running will be all too familiar on what to expect on the day, come rain or shine, they’ll run as hard or easy as they want, knowing how to handle descends and tricky corners with thick, uneven clarts (sticky mud). For those new or even still finding their way within the sport, there will new discoveries, harsh lessons learned and of course, that famous cliché of ‘character building’ sections to pick up from. Th [...]

The Virtual Run-ality!

Every now and then, running can get a little dry, especially if you’re not training for a race or event. Taking a break may be one way of re-jigging the mojo but then you may lose that build-up of fitness you’ve been banking over a certain length of time. Trying something different in training also helps from time-to-time but what if we suggested trying something called, Virtual Running? (more…)

FIRST LOOK: Brooks Launch 4 Running Shoes

As we bed into the New Year, it means one thing, new shoe models! At the turn of the year, Brooks brought out the fourth generation of the Launch Running Shoe, following the huge success of its predecessor during 2016. (more…)