Football has always been at the core of adidas’ business. In 1954 they introduced screw in studs to the bottom of lightweight football boots for the German National football team, resulting in them defeating the unbeatable Hungarians. History was written, and adidas and its founder gained a household name on football pitches everywhere. It wasn’t just the football boot that did it for them though. In 1970 they made history again producing the TELSTAR football, the official ball used for the FIFA World Cup that year. Designed to improve visibility on Black and White televisions, adidas from then onwards would provide every Official Match Ball to every FIFA World Cup game.

Predator football boots are one of the most legendary collection of boots to have ever been made. The popular boot originated in 1994 with the introduction of the OG adidas predator. Inspired and developed by footballer Craig Johnston, who wanted a boot that focused on the grippy texture on a table tennis bat to increase ball control. He later sold his idea to Adidas, who manufactured the original predator and thus giving footballers masses of swerve and power in their shots.  

Since then, the Predator has grown and improved with many generations of the shoe being made. The latest in the series is the Predator 18.1, which comes in various ground types including soft ground, firm ground, artificial grass and astro turf.  The 18.1 football boot offers the player indisputable ball control using adidas’ Controlskin upper technology that keeps the ball glued to the foot.  It also offers a snug, comfortable, supportive and lightweight fit ensuring that you are the master of control.

adidas sponsor many football teams. These include Club teams Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and International teams Germany, Spain and Argentina. At Start Fitness we supply various replica kits by the brand including football shirts, shorts and socks. A range of training wear is also available including training pants, training shirts and training hoodies.