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Published on January 27th, 2017 | by Michael


The Virtual Run-ality!

Every now and then, running can get a little dry, especially if you’re not training for a race or event.

Taking a break may be one way of re-jigging the mojo but then you may lose that build-up of fitness you’ve been banking over a certain length of time.

Trying something different in training also helps from time-to-time but what if we suggested trying something called, Virtual Running?

Now, some of you may well be aware of this, even participating in it over a length of time – if you haven’t this could be just the ticket to spice up your commute or running experience.

Virtual running, is, well, as it sounds. Depending on which website – yes, it is online based –  you wish to use, you can either run a collective amount of miles or kilometres set – there’s even a website that allows you to run the equivalent of where you live to another part of the UK or a different Country!

dark1One of the beauties of the collective races, such as POW! Virtual Running and Virtual Runner, especially for those of you who like your bling, the fantastic range of medals you can challenge yourself for is, almost, relentless.

Examples such as, the POW! 1000KM challenge, May The Fourth Run or the Racing 10 – The Ten Day Run Streak make battling the elements or even if it’s just to get out the door, worth it. Plus, as an added incentive, a portion of the entry fee is donated to a charity, which is shown on the page of the race for which one, so you’re feeling extra warm inside known that you’ve helped a charity out and you’d be getting a fancy medal to add to your collection.

The best thing about some of these races is, the time that they set, is within a comfortable limit, e.g. the 1000km race, you have the full year to complete this. Some may need to be done a month, some in a day, it makes it incredibly exciting, especially when you’ve sent the proof of your run and get that confirmation the medal is winging it’s way to you.

With the My Virtual Mission, that’s a whole different experience! Runners can sign up, pick the distance they wish to complete – we must mention that you don’t have to run it, you can cycle, swim or walk the distances.

The beauty of this website is that you can pick not just running from, say, your house to the park, but you can run cross countries too! Want to run the equivalent of the miles needed to run across the United States? You can do that or even run the width of the UK, the choice is totally up to you! If you’re still unsure how it, you can read more about it HERE.

Again, you can use it for fundraising raising or your own cause, continuing to fuel the motivation to run and move!

In all, using things like what we’ve mentioned can be perfect to mix things up on the roads for yourself. Even if you’re not a fan of a medal and you’ve entered, you’re helping a charity out as well as getting out with a bit of fire in the belly or completing your own running objective.

In case you get a bit stuck with your options or you just want to look at what’s available to check out, we’ve put a couple of links for you below, just to see if there’s a race for you in the future or to train for!


Let us know! Have you tried virtual running if so, how did you find it? If not, are you looking for one to do? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter

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Written By Michael