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Published on December 9th, 2016 | by Michael


Top Trail Shoe Picks

With trail running, it’s one of those things where, no matter what the weather is like, you can flash along, walk and climb through copious terrain and hills – there’s, almost, no limit to it.

When you’re getting within the thick of it, like with any other sport or pastime, having the correct equipment is key to not just get the best out of what you are doing but also enjoy it. If you’re a little unsure about it, we have written a beginners guide to getting started here.

For trail running, that means, funnily enough, trail shoes.

There are significant differences from your usual pair or running shoes, some noticeable, others lined within the shoe.

So here, at Start Fitness HQ, we thought we’d go through the different models for you to look at and check out for those who are just starting out and for those who have been running for years and fancy a change or upgrade to what they wear normally.

Right then, here’s our top Trail Running Shoe picks…


More Mile Cheviot 3 (New Colours) – £35

mm-cheviot3-mm2504bThe well-known More Mile Cheviot 3 Trail Running Shoes are very popular with both novices and veterans who take to the off-road routes week in, week out. The cost (£35) wold fit perfectly well for all budgets, especially for those who are looking to get started.

The lugs (outsole) work fantastic with gripping tough terrain and aid climbing and descending too – the last thing you want us to do is have you outing spoiled by constant slipping or lack of grip. The upper has water resistant materials, so a brief encounter with a puddles or pools are a doddle, this is from the tightly waved mesh along with the sewn in tongue included in the shoe.

One piece of advice for these is to go at least, half a size up from your normal sized footwear!


Adidas Kanadia Trail Shoes – £45 – £58

adidas-kanadia-8-trail-running-shoes-aq5843Another good introductory shoe to look at is the Kanadia Trail Shoe range from Adidas, perfect for those who are unfamiliar or like to casually venture out.

Adidas have kept it simple in terms of how the shoe is structured, preventing unwanted fragments of the route and outside moisture entering. It’s a fairly light (275g – UK 8.5kg) and easily adaptable too, the Kanadia model contains a blend of stitched and fused overlays, which, simply, reinforces the upper, making it very tough, extending the life of the shoe.

The lugs may not be as long as say, the Cheviot’s or FujiRunnegade’s (more below) but they grip equally if not more than the other shoes, don’t let the lack of length of lugs, put you off!

With Adidas, we do advise that going at least half to a full size up as some models do have a narrow fitting, so not ideal if you like your footwear to have a wider fitting.


Asics Gel FujiRunnegade 2 – £50 – £70

asics-fujirunnegade-2-t633n-0907-frontAsics have a fair few trail models available to select from, some for light terrain, others for more hardcore routes, normally you can dictate this by the outsole. What seems to be doing well, currently, is the Asics Gel FujiRunnerrgade 2 Trail Shoe.

The first thing you notice is the sock-like material at the point of entry for the shoe. Like what you see with modern day football boots, this sits and hugs the foot, blocking out unwanted debris along your run, along with their Anti-Gravel Tongue too. There is also a feature called PlasmaGuard upper, which coats the shoe, preventing mud and water sticking to the footwear, handy for prolonging the life of your footwear.

It’s great for the runner looking to upgrade their footwear or really want to challenge testing terrain with challenging weather.


Inov8 X-Talon 200/212 – £65 – £80

inov8-x-talon-212-167488-shoesIt’s safe to say, those runners who know a thing or two about trail running, are aware or own a pair of shoes from Inov8. The manufacturer has been at the forefront of off-road running for some time now and every year they bring a shoe out that changes up how we can handle tough terrain.

In particular, we selected the X-Talon 200/212 Models, the latest range for the beauty that is, the Winter season.

Both are ideal for most of the off-road racing, including obstacle course running, it dons 8mm length lugs on the outsole, providing versatile grip from forefoot to heel, reducing slipping or loss of footing. They are one of, if not, the lightest trail shoes available on the market, the 200 weighing, funnily enough 200g and the 212 coming in at 212g.

Both have quite a low heel-to-drop as well, with only a 3mm difference between the two models too, gaining a smoother ride, depending on which shoe would suit your run, of course.


There you have it! Just a quick and simply guide of our picks for trail and fell running. If you have a favourite shoe, we want to know! Give us a shout on Facebook and Twitter.

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Written By Michael