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Welcome To The Start Fitness Blog

FIRST LOOK: Saucony Freedom ISO

After what seems like an age since Saucony announced the Freedom ISO shoe, finally, we can have our first look them. It’s safe to say that before you get to look at the specifics and intricacies, the beautiful colour scheme that the shoes arrive in makes them incredibly eye-catching. (more…)

6 Things Trail Runners Think While Running

Trail or fell running can be a fantastic break from the pounding of the roads and streets of the generic running ritual. The scenery, tranquillity and testing routes are great to not just help you relax and forget about your time but to also act as a subtle training session with the undulating sections working the legs, along with the lungs too. Veterans of trail running will be all too familiar on what to expect on the day, come rain or shine, they’ll run as hard or easy as they want, knowing how to handle descends and tricky corners with thick, uneven clarts (sticky mud). For those new or even still finding their way within the sport, there will new discoveries, harsh lessons learned and of course, that famous cliché of ‘character building’ sections to pick up from. Th [...]

The Virtual Run-ality!

Every now and then, running can get a little dry, especially if you’re not training for a race or event. Taking a break may be one way of re-jigging the mojo but then you may lose that build-up of fitness you’ve been banking over a certain length of time. Trying something different in training also helps from time-to-time but what if we suggested trying something called, Virtual Running? (more…)

FIRST LOOK: Brooks Launch 4 Running Shoes

As we bed into the New Year, it means one thing, new shoe models! At the turn of the year, Brooks brought out the fourth generation of the Launch Running Shoe, following the huge success of its predecessor during 2016. (more…)

New Year, New Goals – Go The Distance!

So, you’ve got new running kit and running shoes, you’re itching to try them out, to whip out for a quick test run to see how they fit and feel. Thing is, training and exercising in general, can be wonderful, but what about entering events or making plans to take the training to the next step – you’ve got the kit, this is your time to shine with it! You want to identify what distances you what to do as soon as possible, so training blocks can be created either by yourself or with your coach. (more…)

Running and Technology in 2017

In today’s world, technology and fitness is on the rise. Smartphones, GPS watches (now with built in HR optics), activity trackers, smart soles and apps are making a huge difference to training, racing and exercise in general, it’s incredible how much tech has evolved since the turn of the millennium when Garmin released their Forerunner 101 (many of you will know!) and when Strava, for example, first hit our smartphones in 2009. (more…)

Top Trail Shoe Picks

With trail running, it's one of those things where, no matter what the weather is like, you can flash along, walk and climb through copious terrain and hills – there’s, almost, no limit to it. When you're getting within the thick of it, like with any other sport or pastime, having the correct equipment is key to not just get the best out of what you are doing but also enjoy it. If you're a little unsure about it, we have written a beginners guide to getting started here. For trail running, that means, funnily enough, trail shoes. (more…)

REVIEW: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Running Shoe

New season, new shoes and that means the latest model of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS have now been released! Continuing their growth in popularity, the GTS runners are becoming the go-to shoe for those seeking support with not just their running but their feet, too. The 17th generation of the Adrenaline series, have made subtle yet key improvements to the shoe to help to improve as well as sustain high level of comfort throughout your run. (more…)

Trail Running For Beginners

When the time comes, taking a break from the roads and track can be a welcoming one. By all means, if you think that you are in needing a rest, take it, it’s your body simply telling you to slow down or, better yet, if you fancy a change of scenery to reinvigorate your training, then trail running could be a worthy distraction. (more…)