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cross country

5 Reasons To Run Cross Country

  If you're a road runner looking for a new challenge then cross country could be for you. You're off-road, challenging yourself on a variety of terrains in a variety of different conditions. Cross country can throw a lot at you, it's not for the faint-hearted. It can be challenging and exciting at the same time. The main reason to train cross country though is the overwhelming sense of accomplishment you get when you've completed a course, it'll make you come back for more. It's so addictive and a great form of training. So, if this all sounds appealing then we've got five more reasons to run cross country... 1. RUNNING SCENERY You’ll run through some stunning British landscapes. Every race is different - even if you run the same course, the weather drastically changes t [...]

Great north run 2018

Great North Run 2018 Checklist

  All those months of training and prepping, all those early morning runs and avoiding Friday night drinks to go training. It's almost upon us. The Great North Run is a matter of days away and on the 9th of September runners from all corners of the region, across the UK and around the world will be attending this iconic half marathon (57,000 runners to be exact). If you're one of those runners taking on the 13.1 mile course then this is for you! We've got an 8 point on-the-day checklist for you to run through - yes, the pun is absolutely intended - Sit back, tick these off and be confident that you'll smash it on the day!   8. Don’t change anything This is a really important one, don't do anything new on race day. Keep everything the way you are used to. Your meals, [...]

Asic Gel-cumulus 20 review

Asics Gel-Cumulus 20 review

'BACK TO BEST' The Cumulus 20 celebrates its 20th anniversary and the shoes are back to their very best! The fit has improved going back to a similar sizing found in previous popular models and updates in the gel and cushioning, along with its great looks means the Asics Gel Cumulus 20 is once again top of every runner's wish list. Firstly, the Asics Cumulus 20 shoe uses two types of FlyteFoam this time. Which means you get the cushioning and absorption from FlyteFoam Lyte and your bounce forward from FlyteFoam Propel. The gel in the forefoot and heel also ensures that the shoes can absorb the impact whilst running. Asics have also brought in an improved mesh upper which allows for breathability and movement around the forefoot, creating a sleeker, lighter and stronger running sho [...]


FROM RUNNING ONE TO RACING ONE, GET MORE FROM YOUR HALF MARATHON If you have a number of half marathons under your running shoes, you'll know a half marathon is a great distance to test yourself without being too extreme. For many, it's the ideal run. If you fit into this category, then you might be looking for ways to improve your half marathon time because every runner wants to run a little faster, right? Here are a few tips, put together by our half marathon experts.  EAT WELL To get the best out of your body, you need to put the right fuels in. If you’re serious about shaving time of your PB, then what you eat and drink makes a real difference. You may have noticed low carb diets being all the rage in recent times, but try to avoid this if you're training for a half marathon. Wh [...]

Half marathon running


  Congratulations, you’ve decided to do a half marathon! Now, before the little voice in your head starts crying out 'why on earth did I sign up for this!' just relax. The half marathon is a perfect distance to make you feel super accomplished without being too taxing on your body. So, here are a few helpful steps to tackling the 13.1 miles...   STEP 1 - PLAN AHEAD: You should give yourself 3-4 months to train before the big day. Life has a habit of throwing obstacles in the way of training so allowing time for off days is important. Also, most training plans assume you can comfortably run 5k so getting to there first is a good start. STEP 2 - SMALL STEPS: Consistency is key to long distance running. So, tempting as it is, don’t rush into long runs and dai [...]

Asics footwear

Find The Right Running Shoes: Asics Edition

  Carl, our Start Fitness Running specialist, gives his advice on choosing the right footwear type and recommendation on the best Asic trainer for each type.   "Finding the right running shoe can be difficult, there are so many different types and fits it might leave you a little confused. Asics are a brand renowned for their running shoes, offering so many variations to suit almost every running type and it's so important to get the right running shoe for you. Buying the wrong shoe may result in an injury which could damage your feet long term and nobody wants that! With that in mind, let's get into the different footwear types and which Asics trainers we recommend."    STRUCTURE CUSHIONED / STABILITY RUNNING SHOE   Stable not controlling - This running sho [...]

Iain’s Top Tips – Trail Running

Our resident runner, Iain Twaddle, has put together some of his top tips on trail running. 1. FIND YOUR FEET When you start trail running, don’t rush ahead. Experience on the road is different, so take your time to get used to new surfaces and slopes and build up your experience and stamina. Don’t be disheartened to find runs can take much longer than on the road, especially at first. It’s tough!   2. CHOOSE YOUR SHOES The right shoes won’t only keep you comfy, they reduce the risk of accidents and injury too. The low profile trail running style prevents your ankle rolling over, and there’s deep tread for traction through muddy terrain. Care for your shoes post-run by washing off the mud, taking out the insoles and stuffing with newspaper to dry them out. [...]

ASICS GT 1000 6 Review

The ASICS GT 1000 6 running shoe offers structure and support to the runner. Designed for mild overpronation the GT 1000 6 will guide you through every step of your run. (more…)

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 Review

Brooks have been a number one seller of running shoes over the years providing footwear that is reliable and consistent. Their running shoes continue to improve with every generation made and there is no exception with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18. Available for both men and women in a fantastic range of colourways the Adrenaline GTS 18 will not let you down…it certainly hasn’t me. (more…)