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Published on February 6th, 2017 | by Michael


FIRST LOOK: Saucony Freedom ISO

After what seems like an age since Saucony announced the Freedom ISO shoe, finally, we can have our first look them.

It’s safe to say that before you get to look at the specifics and intricacies, the beautiful colour scheme that the shoes arrive in makes them incredibly eye-catching.

saucony-mens-freedom-iso-s20355-3-eThe feel and weight of the Freedom’s is superb, coming in a 255g this can slip in between a training or racing shoe. It’s a fairly light neutral shoe that’s available out there, so clocking any form of mileage is attainable in them, delivering consistent energy per foot strike.

With the shoe being the first of its kind within Saucony, it delivers its own unique feature that gets the thumbs up from us – the first ever full-length EVERUN midsole. This simply provides a constant cushioning and comfortable sensation from mile one, while at the same time, generates a greater return and increase in energy output too – perfect for racing or tempo/speed sessions.

It’s something that differentiates from the other shoes that contain this kind of technology, Adidas run along the same lines here with their incredibly popular boost™ technology.

If you flip the shoe so you’re looking at the outsole, you can see the nice blend of colours running from the toes to the heel. The inclusion of the crystal rubber lets you have a peak of the midsole. Because this is constructed of carbon rubber, it provides greater durability with repeated usage, meaning you get a longer lifespan from the shoes.

The ISO-Fit upper is also quite a neat addition to mention as, it fits nice a snug with your feet plus, as you use the lacing system to tighten the footwear, everything comes in to play so nicely and the tongue also slips into place, to create a balance, reducing the likelihood of rubbing, blistering or irritation from arising.


For the layout of the Freedom ISO, it contains a 19mm heel and 15mm forefoot for a 4mm heel to toe drop.

Overall, we think that, if you’re a fan of having that plush and comfortable sensation on your long run, while feeling confident that they’ll last from session-to-session, then you’re going to love these. Saucony have put the comfort of the neutral runner at the top of the list, ticking the boxes to get the fundamentals priorities completed, very closely followed by performance aspect.

For a launch of a brand new model of shoe, it’s a solid start, with barely anything to pick out negatively.

If you want to look further in to the Saucony Freedom ISO running shoes, then we have them on sale on our website HERE

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Written By Michael