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Published on January 23rd, 2017 | by Michael


FIRST LOOK: Brooks Launch 4 Running Shoes

As we bed into the New Year, it means one thing, new shoe models!

At the turn of the year, Brooks brought out the fourth generation of the Launch Running Shoe, following the huge success of its predecessor during 2016.

brooks-mens-launch-4-blue-110244-1d497-cBack then, the colour scheme, feel and comfort of the shoes were incredibly particularly the level of latter mentioned.

When we got our hands on these, first impressions were immediately drawn to the vibrant and eye catching Methyl Blue mixed with a strong high visibility wrap on the heels.

We know that colours do not enhance the performance but the look it helps distinguish the shoes to other models out there, currently.

The big spec that is noticeable with the shoe is the forefoot underneath. The tread has been slightly altered and modified, compared to the 3, appearing to run linear, rather than transversely. This would improve fundamental aspects such as grip, particular on hill climbs during road races and works along with the segmented crash pad as well as the midfoot transition zone, which simply implies that the heel-to-toe transition is completed a lot smoother along with customised cushioning, too.

Speaking of comfort, the DNA midsole cushioning continues to diversify within the footwear world. Seamlessly moulding to your foot, to suit your foot shape as well as your running style.

The Launch 4 has also has its heel unit redesigned, particularly at the U-Groove section of the runner. Everyone involve with running wants to get faster as some point and manufactures are picking up on this, implementing improvements to assist with this – with Brooks taking huge steps to do this. The support which is introduced at the heel, but works with your foot to avoid interfering with your neutral gait.brooks-mens-launch-4-blue-110244-1d497-b

Durability is another big sell for potential buyers for footwear and understandably, too. If you’re making an investment for a pair of running shoes, you want to get out what you put in, meaning if you’re paying a high price, you want them to last 12-14 months at least before usual wear and tear begin to show.

Overall, for a first impression, we are very impressive with the changes that have been made. This appears to radiate quality that should not only see race times be lowered, but also fluid training sessions, such as tempo running.

If you’ve been a frequent wearer of the Launch series over the years, then you’re going to absolutely love this shoe, if not and you fancy a change, you can buy them from our website, HERE

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Written By Michael