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Published on March 17th, 2017 | by Michael


Enter The Right Race in 2017

We’re now well into 2017, many of you reading this will be in the thick of winter training or just continually logging in miles ahead of a training block. That of course, means that a new fixture list of races will be available to enter.

The first thing that would have been looked at, is of course, when you can enter certain races or information when ballots go live. Some use the power of social media for this, using the notification system or get reminder emails sent to them to make a note in the diary.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the experienced runners will have their go-to race they simply must enter every year, without fail. For those fairly new and not quite found that race that ticks the boxes, this year is a perfect opportunity to have a look and try one or two, three races, if you can stretch the budget for it.

As it’s still quite early in the year, some events are open to enter*, take this opportunity to ask friends, your training group, running forums and social media to see what races strike a chord with them, just to see if it gives you any positive vibes, while also, allowing you to plan a budget for them and the need to potentially stay in a B&B or hotel.GNR5

The beauty about this is, by the time you find a couple to enter, there’s plenty of time to knuckle down and crush those all-important miles during your training, so you’re in tip-top shape and ready to give it you’re all on the day.

It’s why you train, really, isn’t it? The 8-16 week blocks, the pain, the soreness, the heavy legs, it’s all to run races, without them, you’re just running with nothing to show from it. We know, not everyone can get to or enter races, but using the Parkrun can be your race day if you’re struggling!

Events such as the Great North Run, London Marathon, Blaydon Races and the Leeds Abbey Dash (let us know you favourites!) are just a few examples of runs that folk love to get involved with, purely because they’ve left a lasting impressive, for whatever reason.

If you don’t get in, don’t panic. Why? It’s simple, as the life saying goes, “One door closes, another opens.” For one event that gets full, there will be two or three more offering you to run their race instead, take them up on the offer as, sometimes, it might be at a discounted rate or even cheaper to arrange, so take a look if you fall into this situation.

Things to remember;

  • Make sure you enter races with time to spare.
  • Make sure it’s within your budget.
  • Arrange travel/accommodation as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you inform the organisers if you fall ill or become injured.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t get in one race, look at others.
  • Although it’s hard to compare if you haven’t raced, read reviews or talk to runners about potential events.


Is there any advice you have to picking races or, as mentioned, do you have a favourite that you enter year in, year out? Let us know via our Facebook page and Twitter account!

*at the time of this blog coming out, some may have already sold out!

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Written By Michael